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Essential Items to Pack for a Memorable Short Trip

Planning a short trip can be an exciting adventure, whether you’re heading to a nearby destination for a weekend getaway or exploring a new city for a few days. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey, it’s essential to pack smartly and bring along the right items. In this blog, we’ll highlight the essential things […]

Howard’s Properties: Howard Hotels in Agra, Howard Hotels in Haridwar & Howard Hotels in Nainital

“Hotels in Haridwar”, “Hotels in Agra”, “Hotels in Nainital”, “Hotels in Mussoorie”, these are some common searches on Google when you want to travel in North India for many days. Hotels are the best place to have a stay and enjoy the scenic beauty. Not every hotel has an amazing experience. But when it comes […]

The Ultimate Guide To Ganga Heritage by Howard Hotels.

Our fast-paced lives, the heavy schedules and the not so healthy lifestyle have a direct impact on our physical as well as our mental well-being, continuously working and staying on our feet, we hardly give time to ourselves. If you’re someone who feels trapped in this vicious fast-paced life and is in search of a […]