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“Hotels in Haridwar”, “Hotels in Agra”, “Hotels in Nainital”, “Hotels in Mussoorie”, these are some common searches on Google when you want to travel in North India for many days. Hotels are the best place to have a stay and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Not every hotel has an amazing experience. But when it comes to Howard hotels in Agra, Howard hotels in Haridwar, Howard hotels in Nainital, Howard hotels in Mussoorie then they are just awesome. Howard hotels have a more pleasant atmosphere than your home.

Diving deep in Howard’s properties: Hotels in Agra, Hotels in Haridwar, Hotels in Nainital, Hotels in Mussoorie.

You can’t find two people whose traits completely coincide. To ease your thinking, let’s talk about the facts on some other day. After digesting these group words, did you ever come across this thought that it’s baloney to compare the hardships of two distinct individuals?

Will you agree with us?

Empowering your answer, you can’t find a person who would dare to say ‘no’.

Now, we are all on the same page. These hardships can also turn out to be lethal disasters of our life and one shouldn’t waste a single second of their life not thinking of how to dodge these hardships. Self-inflicted or by any other reason, if you wish to live sanely, you have to find ways to eradicate them.

Coming into the interesting and actual part…

We are going to dive into the trench of the ocean to find the pearls of happiness and absolute joy. Keep your schedule clear and pack your bags. We will guide you to this paradise and believe us, this voyage will be the best memory in your life.

Once you reach the doors of this paradise, you can feel the mystic aura in its air and your body begs you not to leave until you feel and absorb every ounce of it.

Enough of sugar-coating….the place we are babbling off is our very own Devbhumi, Uttarakhand.

Let’s say you listened to us, cleared your schedule and reached Uttarakhand somehow and as a sane person your brain should have thought this one. Even though you are adamant to not waste a single second procrastinating and wishing to live every second, there should be a home to go to when you get tired.

Here’s when we come: A home to stay in your dreamland.

Dig in to know about your tentative homes in paradise and don’t forget the pearls of happiness and absolute joy!

Uttarakhand as we know, is a state made of hills and harbor some of those special heavens in India where you can play with snow. Suited at the neck of India and the mighty Himalayas as diamonds, it’s a tree that gives shade on a sunny day.

This was the favorite spot for the gods, the kings, the East India Company and we are not lying…to most of us also!

Being a place that contains the head of the lifeline of a huge chunk of the population of our country, it is sacred and well known for its efforts to revive the remnants of lost culture and traditions.

In addition to the world-famous Ganga, Yamuna Uttarakhand is home to one of the global hotspots of Yoga, two UNESCO heritage sites, India’s oldest National Park and the list that will surely amaze you goes on…

The aura of this place and the home we provide has the capability to make your brain obliviate all the stress, difficulties that you have been carrying.

Wondering what your home would look like, let’s dig into our jewel service in the golden places that are the foundation to whatever Uttarakhand is today…


The home we spoke of is one of the best hotels in Nainital. In the lake district of India, once you enter this town you can feel the warmth of a hug even though the air is chilling. Yeah, you heard it right. That is the mystic power of this town and the communities that dwell here.

Going back into history, the town got its name after the eye that fell from Sati’s corpse and that lakes here are her tears. This sums up the fact that this town is sacred and like a modern and just world, it welcomes and nurtures all types of communities.

There are numerous alluring peaks, lakes, snow views to tire you out in your stay but we got you covered. We present to you our Bhikampur Lodge, the top hotel in Nainital. To make your voyage the most special one, you must have to look at our beautiful Bhikampur Lodge which is fully set to cater to all your needs.

Elegant rooms that will make you dream of all the beautiful things that you watched in the day and luscious dining amid the rich flora and fauna of the mighty Himalayas…Bhikampur Lodge is a dream come true!

Visit our Hotel in Nainital.


As the name suggests, Haridwar is really the gateway to the place where gods live. Being one of the seven sacred cities for Hindus, Haridwar holds a prime position and is home to numerous religious sites enough to fill your spiritual quotient.

To fill your entertainment quotient, you’ve got loads of nature spots, national parks with rich wildlife, traditional bazaars and amusement parks.

Of all the hotels at Haridwar that you are circling to finalize the stay for your trip, we have an optimized solution for you.

We got Ganga Heritage, the best hotel of Haridwar as your tentative home in Haridwar to look after you. Ganga Heritage is equipped with all requisites and works on a single motive that is to make your stay with us the best experience you’ve ever had.

Visit our Hotel in Haridwar.


Dehradun is not only the crown of Uttarakhand, it bags the top place in all those areas that are important to make the city a magnet for all kinds of tourists.

Being a gateway to all jewel hill stations of Uttarakhand, along with the climate that’ll never let you leave the city, enough religious sites to fill the spiritual quotient, national parks which are doing a noble work of preserving our rich flora and fauna…make Dehradun the tourist magnet of Uttarakhand.

To add some more jewels to the glory of Dehradun, we, Howard hotels present our Kohinoor, Shaheen Bagh!

Enticing rooms with hill views and decors that lets you travel back in time, delicacies that are specially made to steal your hearts and on a whole a wondrous resort that gives you premium access to nature’s lap!

Shaheen Bagh is eagerly waiting for your presence! Visit our Hotel in Dehradun, Shaheen bagh.


Now you are looking at the Queen of Hills. Like Dehradun, even Mussoorie has her own stunts to lure people and persuade them to stay in her kingdom.

These stunts include being the Tibetan hub of India, the most favorite place for Britishers as they made Mussoorie their exclusive place and never let us hang out in their times, the top most destination under the category of hill stations, most importantly being home to Ruskin Bond!

And not to mention Mussoorie’s precious possession and our jewel, Karma Vilas, one of the finest hotels in Mussoorie. She never lets go of anyone who enters her kingdom and uses her charm to bedazzle. In the same way, once you step in this finest hotel in Mussoorie, your heart won’t let you leave.

Karma Vilas is a delightful heritage mansion in the Bala Hisar area. The hotel is designed in such a way that there is no spot in the hotel where you would not feel closer to nature. On the other hand, in this hilly terrain, we have everything you need!

Don’t miss us when you visit Mussoorie. Visit our Hotel in Mussoorie.


We believe in the slogan “Atithi Devo Bhava” and we take it seriously. Every guest that sets foot in our hotel is a God to us and we do everything we can to make their day wonderful.

We, at Howard Hotels, work in such a way that our guests feel better than yesterday and tomorrow, they would cherish their memories wishing when they would come back and visit us.

Whenever you wish to take off your stress and difficulties don’t forget that Uttarakhand is the best place that can alleviate your stress and can help you find your own joy. And when you do visit Uttarakhand don’t forget to include us in your plan.

Because there is no joy without Howard Hotels in the plan!

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