In place of heaven in disguise, you can use luxurious, boutique hotel: Howard Hotel

Fight or Flight mode!

Everyone’s familiar with this one, not to mention the hormone that goes by this name and makes us do stupid things. The hormone is adrenaline and we are pretty sure your body is loaded with it.

All thanks to the unexpected prodigy.

It gave us many things, apart from the terror, agony that all speak of COVID-19, some see it as a wake-up call for all. It made sure that we got tattooed with incorrigible ink depicting its rampant destruction.

Not sure of how long it’s going to terrify us till today, people are adopting and are still trying to adapt to the fight or flight method.

In order to escape from its wrath, people had to shut down their livelihoods and adapt to norms and techniques they are unaware of. Digitalization, being one of the life-saving techniques, made some flowers bloom in the gloom.

It’s a relief because everyone understood that there is no point in running away from this danger. We have to face it and have to make sure that we make no mistake. It’s time to fight not flight. Without this method, our businesses suffer and so our economy!

Now that you are convinced that this is not the flight time and we have to return to our normal lives with necessary norms, we would like to introduce the pearls in our precious possessions.

Well, go on!

Scroll down to learn more about these pearls. We assure you the time you spend here and the money you spend on our services are both going to be worth it.


Suppose the place you live and the place where you are trying to reach have contained COVID-19 and are declared safe for travel. Along with this, the travel options you take comply with the COVID protocol.

When you somehow reached your destination safely with all your safety weapons…

You are going to need these desperately!

A place to rest your spine after the journey.

A safe environment to forget about the outer world for few minutes.

Food that’ll urge you to bind yourselves to the chair.

Finally, an ambience that’ll resemble your home sweet home.

Not to forget that your family will be there and they won’t compromise for anything.

At last but not least the hotel should follow COVID-19 protocol without fail.

When you are desperate for all the above things, unfortunately, you are left with limited choices. It is challenging for you to choose one among these. As at each time you would have to compromise at one of the services.

But this is not going to happen with us!

Howard Hotels is established with customer’s satisfaction as the foundation. With the strong intent to make the guests fall in love with us, we chose fascinating facilities, food cuisines exclusively made for you, the ambience that resembles your home…

And the list ends somewhere far but the sparkle in your eye doesn’t fade.

Dipping into how family-friendly these boutique hotels are going to be…

When you visit any place along with your family, the coefficient of happiness reaches the clouds. Along with happiness, there comes huge responsibility. It is your responsibility to fill them with glee and ensure a home in a new place.

We won’t want to bother you with being the guardian of their glee. Once you made your booking with Howard Hotels Boutique Hotels you have fulfilled your responsibility and offered them the ultimate joy.

That is the forte of our Howard Hotels, irrespective of the age gap and any possible differences we guarantee you glee to all the family members.

Also, as we already promised we’ll not let you know the difference between your home and our Boutique Hotels.


Times are supposedly not going in the way expected. With multiple challenges that are being thrown every day, it’s hard to cope up with everything.

We understand your situation and are trying to help you out in these miserable times.

We know that though the challenges are becoming more rigorous day by day. When you return to your home with an exhausted brain, you see your lovely family waiting for you and instantly your heart’s quenched.

That’s the beauty of family and we all ignore the fact that the happiness coefficient needs to be refilled regularly and we feel obliged to provide our services to fill your families with joy.

So, whenever you feel that it’s time to have some family time pack your bags and catch the next vehicle.

Our Boutique Howard hotels are waiting for you!

By the way, don’t ignore our unexpected prodigy, choose fight mode over flight mode.

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