Long Stay at Ganga Heritage

Situations have changed around the world, with the ongoing pandemic forcing our lives to halt. Locked in our homes, unable to get out became so annoying that even boring errands & grocery runs became fun outings. The general yearning for Vacations has become an urgent need since being at home.

Did you know that you can stay at hotels for more than just a week?

Extended holidays are the perfect solution for guests looking for a long stay away from home.

Long-Stays are designed in such a way that hotels provide customers comfortable lodging, a great atmosphere, & amazing amenities at affordable rates. Howard Hotels offers extended stay rates that are affordable throughout the year.

Ganga Heritage by Howard Hotels offers irresistible offers for a long stay that brings inner peace & calm in the pious city of Haridwar. Get one step closer to self-contentment & enjoy peace of mind with long stays at Howard Hotels.

5 Reasons to choose Ganga Heritage by Howard Hotels

  1. The best offers for a comfortable extended stay.
  2. Location Advantage: Ganga Heritage is near “Har Ki Pauri” the ghat that cleanses one’s soul. You can easily see the famous Ganga Aarti and more.
  3. Your home, away from home. A place to call your own, a room with TV, free Wi-Fi, a desk and a chair. The all-inclusive package includes everything you need for a hassle-free, pleasant stay.

Attain inner peace & experience spirituality up close. Our long stays are the best in the city. Whether it’s for you or your family members, staying a little longer at the Gateway of Gods is never a bad idea.

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